Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas Website


This new online resource will be very useful for birders and fun for anyone curious about birds.  It is an effort to provide a comprehensive survey of what birds are living in Minnesota.

For each of the 249 birds confirmed as breeding in Minnesota, there is a Species Description including basic facts, distribution, breeding habitat, population abundance, and conservation status.  There is a photo of both the bird and of typical breeding habitat for the species.   The Interactive Map feature shows which sample areas had birds observed or breeding sites confirmed across the state.  Using the Maps feature, you can see the list of birds recorded for a sample site or by county or ecological areas.  It shows 167 species of birds recorded as breeding in Lake County!

The Minnesota Breeding Bird Atlas was a collaborative project with many partners, led by Audubon Minnesota and the Natural Resources Research Institute (NRRI) that is part of University of Minnesota, Duluth.  Hundreds of citizen-scientist volunteers recorded the observations on selected sampling locations throughout the state during the breeding seasons from 2009 to 2013.  It is interesting to read about the methods used to do the sampling and observations.  Funding came from a variety of sources, with a substantial part from the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund.