The Vote Smart “Background” section states that their mission is “to provide free, factual, unbiased information on candidates to ALL Americans.”  It has been gathering information for at least 15 years, with former presidents Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford at the head of the list of founders. (Click the link to visit this website.)

Enter a politician’s name, then choose Bio, Votes, Positions, Ratings, Speeches or Funding to see more information.  The Positions section shows what positions a candidate would support on a range of topics, based on the candidate’s answers to the “Political Courage Test.”  Ratings by a wide variety range of groups are sorted by topic.  Putting in the zip code brings up a list of national, state, and some local candidates, with extensive information on national and state candidates and more limited information on local people.  The list also includes people who lost in primaries and incumbents not currently up for election.  A request for contributions pops up, easily bypassed.  (Or consider helping them.)

Here are additional web sites providing information about political candidates: