Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Library Card Questions

How do I get a library card?

You can download an application for a Two Harbors Public Library card here.

You can fill out an application for an Arrowhead Library System card here.

Does a library card cost anything?

No. A library card is free to any resident of the Arrowhead Library System (ALS) who presents acceptable identification. The policy on library cards, which can be found here, describes ALS resident qualifications.

Does my library card expire?

Yes. All library cards must be renewed every 3 years.

Can other people use my card?

The library encourages borrowers to use their own library cards exclusively and not to lend them for use by other people.

Under no circumstances should a patron use another patron’s library card to avoid paying any fines or fees assessed against his/her own card.

The library reserves the right to enforce non-transference of a library card and reserves the right to ask patrons to present identification at checkout when necessary.

Can I apply for a card for my child?

Yes. Children under 18 must have a parent or legal guardian show ID and be able to verify their current address.

A parent or legal guardian who is a library card holder in good standing will be asked to sign the registration form for his/her child under the age of 18. 

By co-signing, the parent or legal guardian accepts responsibility for settling fines, damages, losses, or other assessments against the library card of the minor. 

Please note: if a parent wishes to obtain information about their child’s account, the parent must have the child’s library card or for the child to be present at the time of the request.

Materials Questions

How many materials can I check out at once?

There is no limit on the number of items borrowed except:

  • A maximum of 7 movies per library card.
  • A patron receiving or registering their card for the first time with the Two Harbors Public Library is allowed to check out a maximum of 4 items on the first day.
  • A patron without their library card present may check-out a maximum of 4 items; this exception may be offered a maximum of 3 times before the library card must be replaced.
  • We strongly encourage patrons to set their own limits based on how many materials they can reasonably enjoy during a standard loan period.

More information can be found in the Fine and Lending policy here.

How do I place a hold?

Navigate to the Two Harbors Public Library catalog here, or the ALS catalog here. Search for the materials you want to request and click “Request an Item.” You will be prompted to log in with your card, then you will be able to request materials for holds.

How long can I keep materials?

If there are no holds on the items,

  • 4 weeks for books, audiobooks, CDs, magazines, and Special Collections materials.
  • 2 weeks for new books.
  • 1 week for movies, tax booklets, and bike locks.

How do I renew materials?

If there are no holds on the items, you may bring materials to the library front desk, call the library with your card number, or renew online by logging in to either catalog.

Renewal times are the same as listed above.

Is there a late fee for materials?

No. There are no longer late fees for Two Harbors Public Library owned library materials returned beyond the standard checkout period.

However, we strongly encourage patrons to return materials within the standard checkout period to allow other members of the community the opportunity to enjoy those library materials as well. 

Miscellaneous Questions

Can I print or photocopy at the library?

Yes. You can print and photocopy. Prices are listed below.


  • Single sided print = 10 cents per page
  • Double sided print = 20 cents per page
  • Color prints are available – please inquire at the library front desk


  • Black and White = 10 cents per page
  • Color = 50 cents per page
  • Fax = $1.00 per page
  • Scan = Free

How do I book a meeting room?

Instructions on meeting room use can be found here.

Can I donate materials?

Yes. Information on donating print and non-print materials can be found here.

Can I donate money?

Yes. Information on monetary donations can be found here.

Can I volunteer at the library?

You can apply to volunteer here.