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MN-Wide Author Contest

There is a Minnesota-wide contest for up-and-coming authors!

Click the link to learn more: https://indieauthorproject.librariesshare.com/minnesota/

This year’s contest kicks off on April 1, 2018, and submissions will be accepted through June 30, 2018. One winner and one honorable mention will be recognized in the categories of Adult Fiction and Young Adult Fiction.

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Kids' Movie Paddington 2

Showing on Thursday, June 14th, 4:00 p.m.

(Warner Bros.; Rated PG; 105 minutes; 2018)

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Highlight of the Month

Soon to be a major motion picture starring Benedict Cumberbatch!

"How to Stop Time"

by Matt Haig

FIC HAI in New Books

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“The first rule is that you don’t fall in love,’ he said… ‘There are other rules too, but that is the main one. No falling in love. No staying in love. No daydreaming of love. If you stick to this you will just about be okay.'"


"Tom Hazard has a dangerous secret. He may look like an ordinary 41-year-old, but owing to a rare condition, he's been alive for centuries. Tom has lived history--performing with Shakespeare, exploring the high seas with Captain Cook, and sharing cocktails with Fitzgerald. Now, he just wants an ordinary life. So Tom moves back to London, his old home, to become a high school history teacher--the perfect job for someone who has witnessed the city's history first hand. Better yet, a captivating French teacher at his school seems fascinated by him. But the Albatross Society, the secretive group which protects people like Tom, has one rule: Never fall in love. As painful memories of his past and the erratic behavior of the Society's watchful leader threaten to derail his new life and romance, the one thing he can't have just happens to be the one thing that might save him. Tom will have to decide once and for all whether to remain stuck in the past, or finally begin living in the present. How to Stop Time is a bighearted, wildly original novel about losing and finding yourself, the inevitability of change, and how with enough time to learn, we just might find happiness."