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Kids' Movie

Friday, January 17th @ 2:00 p.m.

(Universal Pictures; 2019; PG; 97 minutes)

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Highlight of the Month

The Boy Who Invented the Popsicle: the Cool Science Behind Frank Epperson's Famous Frozen Treat,

by Anne Renaud. (J NF 641 REN)

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Check out this juvenile book highlight! "In this innovative picture book, Anne Renaud tells a lively story inspired by a real person and true events." -Amazon.com

"Young Frank William Epperson always knew he wanted to be an inventor. He loved to experiment - especially with flavored soda waters. Frank was determined to create the yummiest, most thirst-quenching drink ever. Not all his attempts were successful - you could even say some were disastrous! But Frank never stopped trying, even as he grew up." -from book