Tax Information

Federal Tax Forms/Instructions

Most Federal forms are now available online. Copies of federal instructions can be found online to view or download or to request copies by mail. Copies may also be requested by calling 1-800-829-3676. This change is the result of significant cuts to the IRS appropriations by Congress. 

At the library: Hard copies of both forms and instructions are available for the 1040 form.

State of Minnesota Tax Forms/Instructions

The Minnesota Department of Revenue no longer provides state tax forms and instructions to libraries. This is to ensure taxpayers are filing with the most up-to-date tax forms and instructions. Taxpayers may obtain forms and instructions from the Department of Revenue website or by calling 1-800-652-9094.

A binder of State Reproducible Forms is now located on the table in front of the rest of the tax forms. Income tax is in the front, homeowners/renters tax is in the back. Our copier will be available for those who wish to make copies for $0.10 single-sided, or $0.20 double-sided. Both forms and instructions are available online, as well, and can be printed at the library for $0.10 single-sided, or $0.20 double-sided.

At the library: There are six copies of the income tax instruction book (5 for checkout, 1 for reference) and six copies of the homeowners/renters tax instruction book (5 for checkout, 1 for reference).  For the copies that may be checked out, the checkout period is one week, and they are requestable.