Mission Statement and Strategic Plan

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Welcome to our 2022-2024 strategic plan!

Our full work plan was approved by the Board of Trustees on February 1, 2022.  The plan was written based on feedback from a variety of stakeholders – staff, board, patrons, volunteers – whose support ensures that Two Harbors Public Library remains a vibrant and connected cornerstone of our community. 

The data is clear: our library shines.  Library Journal has twice recognized the Two Harbors Public Library as a Star Library, ranking us in the top one half of one percent of library usage within libraries of our size.  Our patrons average 12 library visits, 14 checkouts, and 4 computer uses per year.  Of course, library services go beyond transactions.   There are countless conversations in the library’s foyer, moments of discovery with take home kits, and bubbles of laughter in children’s programming.  I can’t tell you how many stories await discovery in our Archives room or how quickly our teens can level up in their computer games.  What I do know is that each piece is a vital part of our library.   Through the Two Harbors Public Library, our patrons make connections with the broader world as well as grow in their own self-discovery – one click, one program, one book, one smile at a time.

2024 will be around the corner before we know it, and I truly look forward to gathering our community again to identify and eliminate barriers to access.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to library staff with suggestions on how we can continue to best serve our community.

Madeline Jarvis

Library Director

March 2022

2022-2024 Strategic Goals

  1. Provide sound stewardship for the investments and infrastructure of the Two Harbors Public Library
  2. Ensure clear, consistent, and timely messaging through marketing and communications plan
  3. Recruit and retain library stakeholders through clear compensation and growth opportunities
  4. Secure and share local history through standardized archives
  5. Deliver consistent and impactful programming and literacy events for patrons of all ages

Two Harbors Public Library Mission Statement

An informed and engaged community needs a gathering place where they can connect with each other and the wider world.  The Two Harbors Public Area Library provides a welcoming space with a wide variety of resources in print and other media for the education and enjoyment of everyone – children, youth, and adults.

Two Harbors Public Library Key Roles 2022-2024

We connect patrons to their community through a home town focus and work towards continuing Two Harbors' vibrancy.

We help patrons explore their potential through curiosity and lifelong learning. We remove barriers to allow for smooth waters.

From early literacy skills to navigating an ever changing field of constant information, we serve as a beacon for literacy and learning.
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