Artwork Display Policy


The Two Harbors Public Library welcomes artists and collectors of all disciplines to display their works and collections. Exhibits and collections will not be excluded because of the race or nationality or the social, political, or religious views of the artist or collector. Exhibits and displays are intended for the cultural, informational, and recreational enjoyment of our residents.

The Display Space:

The display wall for art exhibition purposes is located on the main floor of the library.
Exhibitors assume responsibility for any damage to Library property resulting from their use of Library facilities, and charges will be assessed by the Library.

No other spaces, either within the library itself or outside on the library’s grounds, are being considered for artwork displays at this time.


The “Artwork Display Application Form” is available both in-person at the library and on the library’s website.  Submissions can be made in person, by mail, or by email.  Applications may be submitted at any time.  Previously selected artists may apply again, although only one application from any artist will be considered at any given time.  Submissions are open to everybody except current Two Harbors Public Library Board of Trustees Members and the Library Director, due to the possibility of a conflict of interest.  If a board member or the Library Director belong to an artistic group or organization, their dual membership does not exclude that artistic group or organization from applying, but the board member’s or library director’s artwork will not be posted with that of the group.  The Two Harbors Public Library Board of Trustees Art Committee and the Library Director will review all submissions and have sole and exclusive discretion about which artists and artworks will be displayed.  All decisions are final.

Selected artists will be contacted by a member of the Two Harbors Public Library Board of Trustees Art Committee to arrange the dates for the display.  Dates offered may be as much as a year or more in advance, allowing the library to plan up to a full year’s display schedule at a time.  Each display will remain in place for a mutually agreed upon time – generally for a period of two months.  No display will remain in place indefinitely.

All selected artists are required to sign an “Exhibit Release Form” which releases the library from any responsibility for display items.  The library will not provide storage for the property of organizations or individuals displaying in the library (this includes items used in preparation for the setting up or removal of a display).  Set-up and removal of displays should take place in as concise a time period as possible.  The setting up and removing of display materials must be done at the days and times agreed upon with the Two Harbors Public Library Board of Trustees Art Committee and the Library Director.  The Two Harbors Public Library reserves the right to dismantle an exhibit that has been left past the assigned display time.


  • Granting of permission to display materials does not imply library endorsement of content; nor will the library accept responsibility for the accuracy or inaccuracy of statements made in such materials.
  • All displays must meet existing State and Federal laws on obscenity, libel, defamation of character, and invasion of privacy. Displays may not promote or represent any activity or purpose that is in violation of local, state, or federal ordinances or laws, including copyright and public performance laws.
  • Displays may not oppose or support either a candidate for elective office or an issue appearing on the ballot.
  • Displays may not be used for either promotion or opposition of specific religious or philosophical/motivational groups.
  • No exhibitor may solicit members or contributions in their exhibits.
  • Prospective exhibitors should keep in mind that the display space is located in a very open and prominent part of the library; as such, it will be viewable by patrons of all ages. Accordingly, the library discourages proposed exhibitions that include significant elements of sexually explicit imagery, nudity, or graphic depictions of violence.


The library is not in any way involved in the sale of items on display.  Prices for items may not be displayed on the artwork at the library nor included on any information handout provided to/by the library.  The artist(s) may provide his/her/their name(s) and contact information, either as a part of the exhibit or as a separate handout, and handle patron requests for information on prices and sales directly.  However, any sales of exhibited materials must take place after the exhibit has ended.  No works of art may be removed during the exhibit period.


A short description, with or without photograph(s), of the display may be included in the library’s marketing.  All publicity created by the library, and any photographic or written record of any exhibit, is the property of the Two Harbors Public Library, and the artist/exhibitor recognizes, agrees, and authorizes the Library to make whatever use of such, at any time into the future, the Library deems appropriate.

Adopted November 2016, Revised March 2023


This wall is painted off-white as a neutral backdrop, and is set-up with a steel Walker Display system.  The dimensions of the Walker Display system are eight (8) feet wide by six (6) feet tall.  Due to emergency lighting, the security panel, and the light switches being on the edges of the wall, as well as the computer desks being against the bottom of the wall, the display space is limited to the use of that eight (8) feet wide by six (6) feet tall space encompassed by the Walker Display System.  All artwork on display must be hung using the Walker display system; the wall behind the display system is not to be tampered with or damaged in any way.

Artwork Display Policy

Artwork Display Application Form

Exhibit Release Form

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