Meeting Room Use

As part of our response to the COVID-19 pandemic, public use of the meeting room is temporarily suspended.  We are happy to keep your application on file when the resource is publicly available again.

Two Harbors Public Library Meeting Room

The meeting room in the library may be reserved free of charge for use by educational, civic, cultural, governmental, and other non-profit groups when the meeting/program/etc. is open to the public and no admission charge is made. (Exceptions may be made for meetings sponsored by the library or approved non-profit educational group or institution for short-term classes, institutes, discussion groups, and forums, involving small fees.)

You may fill out a Meeting Room Application and give it to a Librarian to request use of the Meeting Room. Forms are also available in the Library.

  • The­ room may not be reserved by commercial or denominational groups. Profit-making organizations sponsoring an educational program of a non-profit nature will be permitted to use the meeting rooms provided the meetings are free, open to the public, and not for the purpose of advertising products or services to be purchased by attendees either during the meeting or at a later time.
  • Any group using the meeting room space may reserve up to 1 meeting per month.
  • Groups with recurring meetings may only schedule 1 meeting at a time; the following meeting can only be scheduled on or after the day of the currently scheduled meeting.
  • The meeting room may only be used when the library is open during regular library hours.
  • The room may only be used in such a manner as to not interfere with the proper use of the library. The room should also be left in the same condition that it was found in.
  • Library groups, meetings, programs, and functions will be scheduled before and have priority over other scheduled meetings.
  • All damages or additional expenses caused in using the meeting room must be paid by the organization or appointed contact person for the group.
  • Food and drink may be served if it is kept in the meeting room, does not require a preparation area, and can easily be cleaned up by the group. The serving of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  • Smoking is not allowed within the library at any time.
  • The Library Director and/or Library Board reserves the right to refuse any or all applications for use of the room and to terminate meeting arrangements.
  • Exceptions to these rules must be approved by a majority vote of the Library Board.

Adopted June 1978; Revised November 2003; Revised November 2011; Revised January 2016

Meeting Room Policy REVISED 2016 (PDF)