Gift Policy

The Two Harbors Public Library welcomes and encourages gifts and donations which are consistent with the Library’s Mission Statement. All gifts and donations accepted by the Two Harbors Public Library become the property of the Two Harbors Public Library and may be sold or discarded as the Library Director and/or Library Board sees fit.

Print and Non-Print Materials

  • The Library is pleased to accept print (books) and non-print (DVDs, CDs, etc.) materials when they comply with the Library’s Material Selection Policy.
  • All gifts are accepted with the understanding that if the Library is unable to use the materials, they will be donated to the Friends of the Library Book Sale or recycled.
  • Unused donations cannot be returned to the donor.
  • Receipts may be given for donated materials but will only indicate the quantity and type of material donated. Receipts cannot be given for past donations.

Monetary Donations

Monetary donations may be made in a number of ways (receipts will be given for all monetary donations):

  • Memorial Gifts: The Library will be pleased to select appropriate titles consistent with the Library’s Material Selection Policy in memory of a relative or friend, as indicated on the donation form. A gift plate will be added to each purchased item with the name of the person being honored. Notification of the gift will be sent to the person designated on the donation form. Please contact the Library for a Memorial Donation form.
  • Specific Program Donations: When the Library is collecting funds for a specific purpose (such as the patio expansion project, etc.) monetary donations may be made specifically for that program.
  • Other Monetary Donations: A monetary gift (other than Memorial Gifts) may be given to the Library at any time. These monetary gifts are considered unrestricted and will be added to the Library’s general fund.
  • Friends of the Two Harbors Public Library: Monetary donations may also be given to the Friends of the Two Harbors Public Library.

Other Gifts

Gifts and donations other than items which can be used in the Library’s collection or monetary gifts (as listed above) must be discussed with the Library Director. All conditions pertaining to the donation must be clearly stated at that time. The Library Director and/or The Library Board will make the final determination to accept or decline the gift.

Gifts to Library Staff

Individual Library Staff cannot accept gifts or any form of currency for the services they provide as Library Staff. Appreciative patrons are encouraged to make contributions to the Library as a whole or provide a gift that the staff can enjoy equally. This policy is to ensure that Library Staff will treat all members of the public equally and that no preferential treatment is shown or expected.

Adopted December 1979; Revised July 2011; Revised November 2015

Gift Policy REVISED 2015 (PDF)

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