Test Proctor Policy

Test Proctor Policy

The following guidelines pertain to the institution requesting the proctoring of a test,  the student taking the test, and the library staff who will proctor the test.

Library staff will provide proctor service for exams.  A formal request and instructions should be received by the library from the school or testing agency. Exam proctoring must be scheduled a minimum of one week in advance and is subject to the availability of staff and appropriate space.  Exams must be sent to the proctor at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled exam time. Exceptions may be made at the discretion of the Director.  Several staff members may be involved in proctoring, and the library cannot guarantee that the same staff member will be available during the entire test period. Students are responsible for determining whether the library’s level of supervision matches the requirements of their institution.

  • All exams must be scheduled during regular library hours. All proctoring must be completed no later than 15 minutes prior to library closing. The library does not monitor the student during the test.
  • The library staff cannot interpret test instructions for the student, nor can they assist in any technical manner with an online test.
  • The library will make every attempt to meet the needs of the student, but the library reserves the right to cancel the exam for reasons due to technical malfunction, staffing changes or availability, inclement weather, or other unforeseen emergencies.
  • The student must provide valid photo identification.
  • The student must call the library to verify that the test has arrived and to meet with the proctor at the agreed-upon time and date.
  • The library is not responsible for blank or completed exams which have gone astray due to postal delays, technological difficulties, etc.
  • If it is determined that the proctoring request is unreasonable in its demands or too burdensome to administer, the library reserves the right to deny this service.

Regarding online exams:

  • The student is responsible for scheduling computer time in advance for online exams.  Please do this in person at the Main Library Desk.
  • The library is not responsible for either failure of computer equipment or network access during the exam.  Each student is responsible for notifying their school if network or computer problems occur and receiving advice for testing alternatives.
  • The student must make sure they have complete instructions from the school on how to access the exam.
  • It is suggested that the student do a “trial run” on a library computer in advance of the exam to be sure the terminal meets the necessary technical requirements for the exam.
  • The library cannot proctor any online exams that require public access computer settings be modified.

 Revised February 2010; Revised February 2012; Revised January 2016; Revised January 2023

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