Archives Collection Policy

Archives Collection Policy


  1. Definition: As used in this statement, Archives Collection Policy means the policy of the Two Harbors Public Library in regard to the Two Harbors Public Library Archives.


  1. Scope of Two Harbors Public Library Archives: The mission of the Two Harbors Public Library Archives is to collect, maintain, and preserve physical and digital archival materials which focus on the local area of Two Harbors and the surrounding communities of Brimson, Knife River, Larsmont, and Silver Creek Township. The Archives serves as a community space for the celebration, research, and scholarship of local history. The Archives holds items such as letters, diaries, photographs, newspapers, reports, memos, audio and video recordings, historical maps, and brochures, as well as books of local history and of enduring historical value such as cookbooks and memoirs. Enduring historical value is determined by the importance or usefulness of records that justifies their continued preservation because of the enduring administrative, legal, fiscal, or evidential information they contain within the scope identified above.


  1. Donations: Donors are encouraged to make an appointment with Library Staff to review scope of donations. Per the Gift Policy, receipts may be given for donated materials but will only indicate the quantity and type of material donated. Receipts cannot be given for past donations.


  1. Transfers: All decisions to acquire materials are made by the Library Staff. Upon acceptance, materials must be accompanied by a signed deed of gift. The Archives reserves the right to decline, deaccession, or dispose of materials that: 1) do not fit its acquisition policy; 2) already exist within the collection; 3) may be more appropriately housed in another repository; 4) are inaccessible to the public due to copyright or other restrictions; 5) are too expensive to process, preserve, and store given available resources; or 6) are in irreparable condition.


  1. Deaccessions: The Library will reappraise the collection regularly. At these times, we may deaccession materials. Deaccessioned collections and items weeded from collections during processing will first be offered to the original donor or their agent if so requested at the time of donation. If the donor wishes not to reclaim the original material or cannot be located, Two Harbors Public Library reserves the right to transfer the material to another more appropriate archival repository or scholarly institution. Where appropriate, preference will be given to local institutions.

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Adopted September 2022

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