Behavior Policy

Library staff will apply the same standards of conduct to all people using the library.

Guidelines for Library Use:

  • Ask for help when needed or if you are not finding the resources you need.
  • Be considerate of others.
  • Respect the facility, equipment, and materials.
  • Be responsible for your children.
  • Be responsible for your personal belongings; do not leave them unattended.
  • Follow reasonable staff direction.


No person shall:

  • Commit or attempt to commit any activity that constitutes a violation of federal, state, or local criminal statute or ordinance including but not limited to
    • vandalism of library materials or facilities
    • removal of library materials from the library without checking them out
    • smoking, use of other forms of tobacco, or e-cigarettes
    • assault (verbal, physical, or sexual)
    • use of illegal drugs or alcohol
  • Engage in disruptive, disorderly, or unsafe conduct including but not limited to
    • entering into restricted areas (staff rooms, restrooms that are currently in use, climbing onto the roof, etc.)
    • Consuming food or drink that leaves residue, crumbs, odor, or garbage
    • running or chasing, screaming, yelling, or shouting
    • pushing, hitting, fighting, or biting
    • failing to wear shirt and footwear
  • Threaten, harass, harm, or violate the rights of library patrons and/or staff including but not limited to
    • threatening or abusive language or actions
    • sexual advances
    • bullying or bothering other people
    • foul or rude language
    • taking photographs or video of a member of the public, staff, volunteer, or programming partner or their private or confidential information without their consent (anyone wishing to film a production must first seek Library Director approval)
  • Interfere with others’ use of the library including but not limited to
    • littering, graffiti, vandalism, or destruction of library property
    • unnecessary, constant, or loud cell phone / internet voice call use
    • constant, loud talking in designated quiet area upstairs
    • Interfering with patrons’ use of the library through poor bodily hygiene which is so offensive as to constitute a nuisance.
    • solicit, panhandle, gamble, sell, advertise, or petition for contributions or support

Disruptive behavior policy enforcement:

  • Library staff shall enforce these rules. Every effort will be made to respond to potentially difficult patron behavior in a timely, respectful, direct, and open manner that is consistent and fair.
  • For violations of these rules that cause or are likely to cause immediate harm to others, the person violating the rules may be asked to leave or be removed.
  • Library privileges of repeat offenders will be suspended.
  • Law enforcement will be called if any illegal behavior occurs, or if staff feels threatened in any way.
  • Library staff cannot legally assume the role of parent or caregiver. See the library’s Child Safety Policy for more information.

Adopted December 1991, Revised July 2011; Revised November 2013; Revised September 2015; Revised April 2023; Revised October 2023

The Two Harbors Public Library Board reviews all policies within a one-year cycle or as deemed necessary.

Behavior Policy PDF

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